Changes in Jupyter Qt console

4.5.2 on GitHub

  • Remove deprecation warnings in Python 3.8

  • Improve positioning and content of completion widget.

  • Scroll down for output from remote commands.

4.5.1 on GitHub

  • Only use setuptools in to fix uploading tarballs to PyPI.

4.5 on GitHub


  • Add Comms to qtconsole.

  • Add kernel language name as an attribute of JupyterWidget.


  • Use new traitlets API with decorators.

4.4.4 on GitHub

  • Prevent cursor from moving to the end of the line while debugging.

4.4.3 on GitHub

  • Fix complete statements check inside indented block for Python after the IPython 7 release.

  • Improve auto-scrolling during execution.

4.4.2 on GitHub

  • Fix incompatibility with PyQt5 5.11.

4.4.1 on GitHub

  • Fix setting width and height when displaying images with IPython’s Image.

  • Avoid displaying errors when using Matplotlib to generate pngs from Latex.

4.4 on GitHub


  • Control-D enters an EOT character if kernel is executing and input is empty.

  • Implement block indent on multiline selection with Tab.

  • Change the syntax highlighting style used in the console at any time. It can be done in the menu View > Syntax Style.


  • Change Control-Shift-A to select cell contents first.

  • Change default tab width to 4 spaces.

  • Enhance handling of input from other clients.

  • Don’t block the console when the kernel is asked for completions.


  • Fix bug that make PySide2 a forbidden binding.

  • Fix IndexError when copying prompts.

  • Fix behavior of right arrow key.

  • Fix behavior of Control-Backspace and Control-Del

4.3.1 on GitHub

  • Make %clear to delete previous output on Windows.

  • Fix SVG rendering.


4.3 on GitHub

  • Rename ConsoleWidget.width/height traits to console_width/console_height to avoid a name clash with the QWidget properties. Note: the name change could be, in rare cases if a name collision exists, a code-breaking change.


  • Add Shift-Tab shortcut to unindent text

  • Add Control-R shortcut to rename the current tab

  • Add Alt-R shortcut to set the main window title

  • Add Command-Alt-Left and Command-Alt-Right shortcut to switch tabs on macOS

  • Add support for PySide2

  • Add support for Python 3.5

  • Add support for 24 bit ANSI color codes

  • Add option to create new tab connected to the existing kernel


  • Change Tab key behavior to always indent to the next increment of 4 spaces

  • Change Home key behavior to alternate cursor between the beginning of text (ignoring leading spaces) and beginning of the line

  • Improve documentation of various options and clarified the docs in some places

  • Move documentation to ReadTheDocs


  • Fix automatic indentation of new lines that are inserted in the middle of a cell

  • Fix regression where prompt would never be shown for --existing consoles

  • Fix python.exe -m qtconsole on Windows

  • Fix showing error messages when running a script using %run

  • Fix invalid cursor position error and subsequent freezing of user input

  • Fix syntax coloring when attaching to non-IPython kernels

  • Fix printing when using QT5

  • Fix Control-K shortcut (delete until end of line) on macOS

  • Fix history browsing (Up/Down keys) when lines are longer than the terminal width

  • Fix saving HTML with inline PNG for Python 3

  • Various internal bugfixes


4.2 on GitHub

  • various latex display fixes

  • improvements for embedding in Qt applications (use existing Qt API if one is already loaded)



4.1.1 on GitHub

  • Set AppUserModelID for taskbar icon on Windows 7 and later


4.1 on GitHub

  • fix regressions in copy/paste, completion

  • fix issues with inprocess IPython kernel

  • fix jupyter qtconsole --generate-config



  • fix installation issues, including setuptools entrypoints for Windows

  • Qt5 fixes


4.0 on GitHub

First release of the Qt console as a standalone package.